računovodski servis

The company was founded at the end of 1989. It is an accounting firm since 1991, now trusted by more than 100 small businesses, entrepreneurs and associations of central Slovenia.
Over 20 years of experience and continuous training complements the work of four accountants using modern hardware and software. For managing business books, records, and accounts we use the web application www.minimax.si, which allows us and our customers to communicate with each other in a friendly way and to communicate with other business partners in the wider business environment. Our application is also used by our customers as their software to any extent applicable. Thus, a variety of business functions are processed in a programming environment, which brings significant savings.
Dedicated professional work in the long run and honesty are core values of the company and each of us individually. This enables the company to operate in a stable manner even when faced with difficult economic conditions.

We follow the vision of our company eagerly, and we have put the following values at the core of our vision:

  • Operating legally and honestly,
  • The most important is the interest of our customers, for which we aim to discover their individual needs,
  • State taxes must be paid, but not more than is prescribed by law,
  • Each new step in technology development should mean rationalization and a decrease in prices for our customers and the company,
  • Long-term objectives have absolute priority over short-term ones,
  • Company profits at the time of any decision should not take precedence over the satisfaction of customers and employees,
  • Protecting the natural environment and maintaining social welfare are the priorities of each economic entity without exception,  
  • Harmonious development of the environment and satisfaction of all parties and individuals are the conditions for a lasting and stable operating of the company, and we are proud to be donators for humanitarian, cultural and sports associations in the local community.

The company is a member of Chamber of Accounting Services


We provide comprehensive financial services and other services related to business. With years of experience we can help and advise whatever activity you are performing.   računovodstvo cosmos