računovodski servis


We offer comprehensive accounting services, among which the most important are:

  • Accounting services for companies, entrepreneurs and other natural persons with businesses and associations,
  • Keeping the main business books under the system of double- and simple bookkeeping,
  • Keeping tax books and accounting for value added tax,
  • Calculation of salaries and other benefits and contributions,
  • Monitoring of assets and liabilities in the accounts,
  • Keeping a register of fixed assets and depreciation accounting,
  • Calculating the interim and annual financial statements and tax returns,
  • Advice on tax matters,
  • For payment of all charges and payments, we prepare electronic forms for use in electronic banking.

If necessary, we also offer our customers the following business services:

  • Calculation of interest on late payment,
  • Composition and delivery of electronic execution,
  • Statistical reporting and reporting to other state bodies,
  • Help sorting the personnel matters,
  • Help with business planning, preparing investment studies and applications,
  • Other services as a result of an individual customer's treatment.


We provide comprehensive financial services and other services related to business. With years of experience we can help and advise whatever activity you are performing.   računovodstvo cosmos